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How to Warm Up

Why You Shouldn’t Skip A Warm Up

It’s so easy to skip a warm up. We’ve definitely all done it – especially if time is tight and we want to get straight to the workout. We all know we shouldn’t, but it’s not really such a big deal, right?

In actual fact, missing that warm up is not doing your workout any favours, or your body for that matter. Here’s why a thorough warm up is a crucial start to every training session.

Avoiding injury

Maybe the most important (and most well known) reason to warm up is to avoid hurting yourself. Going from 0 to 100 too quick can put a lot of stress and strain on your body, meaning you’ll finish feeling sore and stiff.

This is especially true if you are an early bird and like working out first thing. Your body is literally cold from sleeping, so a proper warm up will reduce muscle strain and actually give you a much better work out overall.


Achieve a better session

Warm ups don’t only prevent injury. It gets the blood flowing more around your body, increasing the sensitivity of your nerve receptors. As such, you’ll perform at a higher level. You can be faster, more efficient, and therefore more effective. Definitely something to bear in mind the next time you hit the gym.


Good preparation

A solid warm up is an excellent way to concentrate your mind. Especially on a race day, warming up allows you to prepare mentally for the task in hand, cast aside any doubts, and keep focus.


So how to warm up properly?

Keep it simple and slow to start – you don’t want to push yourself too hard during a warm up. Remember it’s not the actual workout just yet!

Aim for 10 – 20 minutes, this is usually enough time for your whole body to warm up. If you’re doing a HIIT session, or exercising first thing in the morning, go for a little longer to ensure you’re fully ready.  Static stretching isn’t enough. Try to incorporate dynamic movements into your warm-up. These include high knees, walking lunges, and toe touches.

And if you are pushed for time, focus on warming up the muscles you’ll be using most. Just don’t skip it! Your body will thank you for it.

Want some more workout tips to maximise your session? Head on over to the Auro community group and check out our handy training videos. The real Auro trainers are members, and are there to answer your questions – so go talk to them!

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