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How to get a great low impact cardio workout in your gym?

How to get a great low impact cardio workout in your gym?

The cross trainer is the staple cardio equipment of most gyms along with the treadmill but it differs from the treadmill on one key aspect- it is low impact and therefore great for your knees and joints. Here are a few ways to make your cross-trainer workout more efficient in terms of calories burned.

Use HIIT training

High intensity Interval Training or HIIT has been a rage with fitness professionals and users as it enables you to burn more calories in a quick span of time. And its very ease to incorporate into your routine. Work for one minute at a normal speed and the sprint for the next minute. You can make this even more challenging by reducing the duration of your active recovery or the period where you are working at your normal speed. You can also do this by simply varying the resistance that you are working at between a high resistance and a low one. Auro trainer Jane Wake has developed some great interval based classes for all levels.

Add variety by reversing your movement or using just your legs

Most people use the cross trainer the same way every-time they workout which is forward and using their hands. Try mixing up your workouts by reversing your motion with your legs or by letting go off your hands which will work your quads, glutes and legs even more. You can also alternate between forward and backward like in the Work those Glutes workout from Jane Wake on Auro.

Play around with your resistance

If you don’t fancy HIIT or adding variety through changing your motion, you can simply get a more intense workout by just increasing the resistance you train at. Increasing the incline will make your legs and glutes work harder and therefor help you burn more calories.

Don’t forget to use your upper body

One of the great things about the cross trainer is that you can use pushing and pulling hand movements in your workout to get a more fully body workout than just working out your lower body. You can do intervals of 30 or 60 seconds where you alternate between pushing and pulling hand movements to work those shoulders and arms and lateral muscle groups.

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