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Enhance Your Fitness with Elliptical Workouts

Enhance Your Fitness with Elliptical Workouts

Adding the elliptical machine to your workout routine can make a big difference in achieving your fitness goals. It is a low-impact exercise machine that can boost your cardio capacity and stamina as you engage in an effective aerobic exercise. Auro can help you get started with your elliptical workout and guide you in a way that lets you get the most from the machine. Auro is very different from other personal training apps as it utilises real world-class personal trainers at your convenience.

How does an elliptical workout enhance your fitness?

Think of it as an aerobic workout that can make your lungs and heart work harder to become stronger. At the same time, the exercise builds muscle. All these benefits combined can help build endurance and stamina. Auro provides a personalised elliptical machine routine that suits your health and fitness requirements, so you can experience a cardio workout that can help you achieve those fitness objectives.

Auro have a range of elliptical workouts, so you can perform HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and steady-state cardio exercises. The combination of those exercises could improve your body’s ability to burn more calories and body fat to help you lose weight. The elliptical machine will not put too much stress on your joints, so you do not have to worry about injuries caused by overuse, and aching joints after your workout. This makes the machine ideal for people with knee and joint problems that can worsen with high-impact exercises like jogging and running. And if you need more low-impact exercises, Auro have a wide selection to choose from.

A common misconception with an elliptical workout is it only works out your lower body. When done correctly, it can give you a full-body workout that targets your chest, core, triceps, biceps, back, hamstrings, quads, and glutes. Your Auro trainer can instruct you on the proper use of the elliptical machine so you can optimise your workout for your entire body.

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