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30 minutes: How just 30 minutes of exercise a day can change your life

30 minutes is a small window of time out of our 24 hours in a day. It’s the equivalent to an episode of your fav series on Netflix, maybe it’s the time it takes you to commute to work, or maybe it’s the same amount of time you spend cooking dinner in the evening. The point is, reserving a 30 minute window of time in your day for exercising can do wonders for both your body and mind. This blog will talk you through exactly what happens to your body when you get moving for just 30 minutes everyday, whether it’s a walk, jog, run or HIIT workout.

How much exercise do we need to do?

Dr. Rashmi Byakodi, a health and wellness writer and the editor of Best for Nutrition tells Auro: ‘though it is not possible to precisely recommend the amount of physical activity needed, there lies a standard recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week. These physical activity guidelines can be considered as a standard recommendation, but they are not perfect manuals. They provide general guidelines in terms of type, intensity, duration, and frequency of activity.’

Is 30 minutes of exercise a day enough?

Jamie King, one of the founders of Flex & Flow informs that ‘a daily 30-minute workout can absolutely be enough to remain healthy. Daily movement boosts circulation, muscle strength, and endorphin production, helping the body work more efficiently. Regular movement can also help us feel more focused, clear headed, energised, and even aid in better sleep. Over time, regular exercise – whether 30 minutes a day or an hour – can increase muscle mass and help the body shed excess fat and fluids. And because 30 minutes is a very manageable time for most people, committing to just 30 minutes a day reduces the chance that we fizzle out or feel overwhelmed to stay with it.’

Darryl Higgins, business owner and founder of Athlete Desk explains that ‘30-minute exercise every day is enough to stay healthy. Health experts say that we have to aim for 30 minutes of exercise a day to keep our bodies healthy. Moreover, if you want to lose weight, 22-35 minutes of exercise will help you lose an average of 2 pounds which is a better result than those who exercise for 1 hour a day.’

So, although 30 minutes can seem like a really small amount of time. The matter of fact is that 30 minutes is plenty of time for an individual to enjoy some moderate exercise. You do not need to spend hours of your day jogging on the treadmill or pumping iron at the gym. Doing this amount of exercise daily can reap benefits.

The benefits of working out for 30 minutes:

Not only can exercising daily reduce risk of heart disease and increase bone density, it also releases those all important endorphins, which can have a really positive effect on your mood.

Todd Buckingham, Ph.D., Exercise Physiologist informs us that ‘the key is to be consistent and exercise every day, even if it is just 10 minutes (30 minutes is even better!) There are many health benefits to exercising for 30 minutes daily. This includes both physical and mental health benefits. Exercise decreases stress, the risk of Alzheimer’s, the symptoms of depression, the risk of diabetes, the risk of certain types of cancers, and the risk of obesity. Additionally, it improves mood, cardiovascular health, joint health, and metabolism.’

What happens to your body when you workout out for 30 minutes?

Todd adds: ‘When you work out for 30 minutes a day, your heart becomes stronger, your muscles become more resilient, your immune system gets stronger, your blood pressure decreases, and your body produces hormones that make you feel better.’

Certified personal trainer, Dorian Johnson, explains ‘After 30 mins of movement, the body is in an elevated state due to sympathetic nervous system activation. During HIIT, it’s especially important to stay hydrated and avoid overheating.’

Examples of 30 minute workouts:

Some forms of exercise that you can add into your lifestyle include:

What can I do for my 30 minute workout?

Max Whiteside, who leads the Community Engagement team at, a Strength Sports and Training website says: ‘When crunched for time I am a fan of a quick kettlebell HIIT workout. This type of workout can be adapted based on your goals but in general is good for building strength, increasing endurance, and changing your body composition. 

If swinging a kettlebell isn’t your jam, don’t forget about a brisk walk. Often overlooked, walking at only 3-4 MPH a few times of week can have a significant positive impact on cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing.’

Nick Urban, a Performance Health Coach and Integrated Movement Scientist at tells Auro:

‘I have three favourite workout types that get great results:

  • Super slow strength training (10-15 minutes)
  • Micro-workouts (5-10 minutes)
  • Sprints (10-15 minutes)’

Josh from explains that ‘there’s a big difference between walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes compared to a HIIT workout. HIIT alternates between periods of very high intensity and rest periods. One study found those performing a HIIT workout burned 4.4 more pounds of fat in 12 weeks. And they burned more visceral abdominal fat which is more dangerous than the fat under your skin. Visceral fat surrounds your organs and places stress on them. The reason HIIT workouts can be so effective is they increase your Excess Post-Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). This is the increase your metabolism experiences and boosts your calorie-burning well after you’ve finished your workout. Nothing better than sitting on the couch well after your workout is finished but you’re still burning calories.’

30 minute beginner no equipment workouts on the Auro app:

If you haven’t already downloaded the Auro app, give these 30-minute workouts a try to get moving:

  • Breathe & go – Ellie
  • Full body sweat – Ellie
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  • Work harder, rest longer! – Charlie
  • Full body functionality – Ban
  • Strength at home – Ban
  • Maximise those minutes – Charlie
  • Lower, upper  & core – Amanda
  • The chair workout – Amanda
  • Beginner EMOM – Callum

30 minutes of exercise with Auro:

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