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Walking to burn calories: woman walking

Walk it off: Why walking is the most underrated exercise

Humans walk better than any other species on Earth. Our bodies are specifically designed for walking. They carry us from point A to point B using only our legs and feet. Walking to burn calories isn’t the only benefit, but it’s also a positive mood and mindset booster.

However, we rarely take a moment to consider just how amazing walking is and can often take it for granted. Do you ever find yourself grabbing a quick Uber to the shop when you could have walked there in just a few minutes? How about driving the kids to school when it’s only down the road? If this sounds familiar, here are 5 reasons why walking is a great form of exercise and why we should do it every day:

1. Walking to burn calories

Believe it or not, walking to burn calories is 100% doable. Did you know that walking at a brisk pace for just 30 minutes can burn 100-300 calories? (depending on your body weight). In fact, one study has found that 11 women lost an average of 7.7kg after taking a brisk walk every day for 6 months. If you are looking to tone up and shed some pounds without having to do some intense cardio, why not try a brisk walk?

2. Walking for your mind

Life can get pretty stressful at times. When you find yourself needing to take some time to relax and clear your head, a walk can be the perfect remedy for stress. Going for a walk takes you away from the stressors and gives you time to think. It also gets the blood pumping around your body and releases those magical chemicals called endorphins which help to boost our mood.

The Auro app provides a variety of audio guided walks – whether you are looking to get in shape, loosen up and get outdoors, or clear your head with some walking meditation, we have something for you.  Our guided walking meditation allows you to be present in whatever space is best for you.

3. Walking for digestion

After you have eaten a meal, your body starts to digest the food and break it down. This process can be enhanced by taking a walk after you have finished eating. Walking helps to reduce the time that food moves through your intestines, resulting in less bloating and quicker digestion. So, if you’ve had a big meal and are feeling particularly sluggish, walking will help to burn some calories, get things moving and will have you feeling more comfortable in no time.

4. Walking for fresh air

It may come as a surprise, but fresh air actually has an abundance of health benefits. If you spend your time in enclosed rooms with poor ventilation, you could be inhaling suboptimal levels of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Stepping outside and exposing your body to more oxygen causes your blood vessels in the lungs to dilate. This in turn repairs the tissue within them and aids exchange of gases. This helps to clear your lungs and cleanse the tissues inside them.

5. Walking for your health

If you are still not convinced, walking has plenty of other benefits for your health, including lowering your blood pressure and improving your sleep and energy levels. It can also help prevent numerous health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, as well as helping to strengthen your bones and muscles.

If your goal for the year is to walk more, for whatever reason it may be, download the Auro app today and walk alongside one of our world-class personal trainers. Whether you want some workout motivation or just someone nattering in your ear, we have the perfect walk for you.

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