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What Do Millennials Want From Their Employers?

Millennials are soon to be the biggest contributors to the workforce. So despite what you may think of them, they are about to become an integral part – in some way, shape or form – of every business. Millennials have been known to be impatient, technology driven and disloyal when it comes to job retention, with 60% leaving their jobs within 3 years of being hired. But with the amount of millennials entering the workforce, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to figure out ways in which they can best accommodate them.

In order to help get you started, we’ve come up with a few ideas ourselves…

Work Environment

Studies have shown that millennials respond best to a community-based work environment. Productivity, in their eyes, should be measured on quality and quantity of work rather than amount of time spent doing the work. Millennials will always look for flexibility. Hours shouldn’t have to be the same every day. As long as their work is getting done before deadlines, it shouldn’t matter when they do it.

Management Style

Millennials have been known to be free spirited. So the idea of controlling everything they do in the workplace is something that few millennials would accept. Below is a list of a few different management styles that would be best suited to the millennial.

  1. Bridge the gap – Be approachable. Let them know that you value their input.
  2. Be flexible – Don’t let them show up whenever they want but work with them to establish the best schedule for both of you.
  3. Be transparent – Clearly establish and explain the company values and goals and allow for questions and feedback.

What are Millennials Really Like?

Although millennials are perceived as lazy, underworked and possibly unmotivated, studies have proven that they are very aspirational. The young people of this generation are swinging for home runs when it comes to their job search. They want to have a job that they are passionate about, a job that serves a purpose to their lives. But the biggest thing that we see with millennials is that they want recognition for their hard work. They want to be happy and successful but they want to be acknowledged for their success and be supported throughout their work.

How Do They Compare To Other Generations

Below is a graph that illustrates the basic life necessities of Millennials and Baby Boomers.

What Do Millennials Want From Their Employers?


Take Away

The idea of millions of millennials taking over the workforce can seem like a daunting thing. But, if you provide them with the right tools and establish mutual respect, you should have nothing to worry about. Every generation is different, every generation has it’s flaws, but every generation brings a new voice to the workforce. That new voice is necessary for the future of any company.