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Sexercise: Can working out improve your sex life?

Sex is an enjoyable act, but the fun can be cut short if you’re not ‘up’ for the occasion. Your blood is pumping, the heat is rising and the sweat just keeps on dripping. Now that can be said for both sex and your workout, depending on how steamy you like things in the bedroom and how intense you like to train.

Sex in itself is a workout; ‘sexercising’ is a real thing for sure! However, if you really put it into perspective you won’t be burning hundreds of calories within your 5-minute round. A study by Plos One found that sex burns an average of 4.2 calories per minute for men, and 3.1 calories per minute for women. The same study showed that 30 minutes on a treadmill burned 276 calories for men and 213 for women. That means to get anywhere even close to that figure, you would have to go at it for over an hour!

But there are many ways in which you can turn on the engine and keep it running for longer. Here are 3 Auro workouts that we’ve pulled together, for both men and women, to enhance your sex life.


HIIT and Tabata workouts are fantastic for sex, helping you to keep the blood pumping through your veins and the intensity levels pleasurably high.

Auro trainer, Ban Hass, has created a ‘Tabata Training’ workout, which not only brings pleasure to your body but also in the bedroom.

Snapshot of what you’ll do

  1. Jumping Lunges
  2. High Plank Jacks
  3. Skater Jumps
  4. Burpees
  5. Squat Jumps
  6. Commando Planks
  7. Breakdancers
  8. High Knees


Yoga is a great form of training to increase your flexibility, whilst also toning and strengthening your muscles. Not only will it keep your energy and vitality levels up during sex, but it also makes for a more enjoyable experience, as you’ll be feeling more supple.

Yoga teacher and meditator, Nicky, has created a ‘Flow Into Your Body’ session to help loosen up your tight muscles and help strengthen your joints.

Snapshot of what you’ll do

  1. Child’s Pose
  2. Tabletop
  3. Cat Cow
  4. Downward Facing Dog
  5. Forward Fold to Flat Back
  6. Standing Back Bend
  7. Tadasana
  8. Chair Pose
  9. Forward Fold
  10. High Plank
  11. Three-Legged Dog
  12. Low Crescent Lunge
  13. Low Lunge
  14. Warrior II
  15. Reverse Warrior
  16. Thread the Needle

Strength Training

Research has shown that working out with weights is a brilliant way to significantly increase testosterone levels. According to a study carried out by Baylor University, men’s testosterone levels were at its peak during the 48 hours after the workout session. Another great thing about lifting weights is of course, you’re able to keep your upper body up for longer during missionary, pick your partner up and do all the things you dream about doing.

And strength training isn’t just great for men but for women too! During a strength workout, a woman’s body produces higher levels of growth hormone and testosterone which play a pivotal role in a females sex drive. It also helps with endurance so women, you can keep the show going for longer too!

Expert strength trainer, Janine, has devised a ‘Show Me What You Got’ full body strength workout, so you can really work up the confidence to show your partner exactly what you got!

Snapshot of what you’ll do:

  1. Dumbbell Row
  2. Reverse Fly
  3. Press Up
  4. Lunge
  5. Side Lunge
  6. Squat
  7. Bicep Curl

So in short, yes working out can indeed improve your sex life. Keeping your body fit and healthy is the most important thing to do. The added pleasurable benefits that come alongside this, are really just a bonus. If you regularly exercise and train your body healthily, this will in turn help to create a more satisfying life overall.

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