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Audio fitness workouts for the future

You may have come across audio fitness workouts before. You may know a bit about the Auro app and what it is used for. But what you may not know, is that Auro is more than just a regular fitness app. We wanted to take the time to explain exactly why audio fitness apps are so important and why we’ve decided to focus heavily on audio.

Auro is an audio fitness app free to download. Like with many other apps, it was created to solve a problem. The problem that we set out to solve wasn’t just helping people achieve their fitness goals, but to help users through audio fitness training.

What are audio fitness workouts?

Audio fitness workouts allow users to follow guided workouts simply through audio instruction – no video or PDF required. The audio is pre-recorded by professional trainers who are experts in their respective fields. Users are guided through each step of every workout and are motivated by the trainers to keep going and push themselves during each session. The concept is to give more people access to high-quality fitness instruction, available on-demand and at an affordable price.

Why is an audio fitness app relevant?

In a fast paced, technology driven society, people are constantly on the look out to make their lives more efficient. Free time is a commodity and attention spans are diminishing. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to find time to exercise and increasingly frustrating for people to get the best out of their workouts when they do end up exercising.

Personal trainers are a great way to maximise your workouts, but the price tag is hefty and, again, doesn’t offer complete flexibility.

Audio fitness is the solution to this problem. It provides a means of exercising with purpose and confidence, allowing users to work out at whatever time fits best into their schedules, wherever they are in the world. The fact that Auro is also an audio fitness app free to download and comes with a stream of free audio fitness workouts, helps solve the affordability problem and keeps people fit and healthy without breaking the bank.

Why bother? Can’t I just use the internet?

Of course you can go online and find pictures or videos demonstrating how to do certain workouts, but simple YouTube or Google searches can only get you so far. For one, in order to look up a workout, you have to actually know or have heard of a specific workout.

You may be thinking: “Well, why can’t I just look up exercises for specific muscle groups?”

This seems feasible, but it’s not sustainable. If you’re doing it on your own, sooner or later you are going to hit a wall. You’ll wind up in a pattern of familiarity that could end up losing your motivation and stunting your fitness growth.

What does Auro bring to the table?

So, think outside of the box! Allow yourself to exercise with the confidence of knowing what you’re doing. That’s where Auro steps in.

With Auro, you can get all the benefits and guidance of a team of trainers, without the headache. There’s no need to schedule appointments to meet with a PT or pay hundreds of pounds for a one-off session. All you need is your phone, a pair of headphones and, depending on your workout, access to some form of exercise equipment.

Auro is a multifaceted platform that combines exercise, diet, yoga, stretching and much more. It’s a one stop shop for fitness and health, and gives users complete access to all of the necessary resources they need in order to lead a heathy lifestyle.

It comes with all of the convenience and comfort of the internet, with the added expertise of a personal trainer in your ear.

Does it compare to a Personal Trainer?

To answer this, let’s hear first hand from one of our trainers!

“It doesn’t replace a personal trainer, but the whole point of Auro is that it’s really affordable for everyone,” said Jane Wake, one of Auro’s first trainers. “I think it fills a massive void and it’s about making things accessible to more people.”

She went on to explain:

“The whole point of Auro is that it’s a constantly changing thing. It can bridge the gap to having a PT, or it might be that you have [a personal trainer] that you see once a week or once a month – Auro can complement that,” she said. “There’s loads of different ways of working it in.”


There’s no need for screens, waking up early or staying out late. You decide when you can workout. You are in charge of your own schedule and the app is always open.

So, next time you wake up at 3am… first of all, try and stay in bed. But also know that you could be guided through the perfect audio fitness workout of your choice with any of our personal trainers from the comfort of your own bedroom.