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What’s the best time of day to train?

What’s the best time of day to train for your exercise routine? Well, again, the best answer I can give you is simply whenever fits into your daily routine.

So if the only time you can fit a work out into your day is getting up early for it first thing in the morning? That’s going to be the best time for you if it means you can stick to that over an extended period of time.

Similarly, if you have the energy after a hard day’s work to go back home, then go out for a run, go to the gym, whatever it might be. That’s the ideal time for you.


AM vs. PM

It’s sometimes easier to create a consistent morning exercise routine and turn it into a manageable habit. Work outs later in the day can often conflict with other obligations. Working full-time can make it difficult to find the energy to commit to training after a hard day in the office.

However, there are also some physiological considerations to take note of. One of which is that your body strength peaks somewhere in the afternoon. It depends on your sleep/wake cycles, but usually this happens in a window between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

That means this is the best time to work out at your your peak performance. You can lift heavy weights with greater ease, your grip strength is going be far higher than any other time of day.

And so, this is something definitely worth bearing in mind. Especially if you are looking to take up a more rigorous strength training program. Time strength training for the afternoon, take advantage of your body strength peak, and do cardio exercises in the mornings.

Similarly, morning work outs have been suggested to improve the quality and ease of your sleep. As exercise raises your heart rate and body temperature, working out late in the evening increases your chances of a disrupted night’s sleep.


What’s best for you

The most important thing is to find your own exercise schedule that’s convenient for you, and is a realistic commitment. If a morning session works best, be sure to warm up well in case your muscles are tight from sleeping. If you prefer later in the day, schedule in your training like a permanent addition to your diary. Pack your gym bag in advance to ensure minimal roadblocks to your work out.

Either way, the best time of day to train is all down to you. It’s about personal preference above all, so don’t sweat it .


Check out my quick video on when’s the best time of day to train: