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5 tips to get back into your fitness routine

Summer is a great break from the daily grind, but you don’t want your vacation habits to turn into your everyday habits. Your summer holiday has probably been filled with long days in the sun and happy hour drinks with friends. As much you may have enjoyed the drinking and lounging, it’s important to get back into your daily fitness routine. Here are 5 tips to get back on track after your holidays.

1. Make a plan

After returning from a trip, you’ll most likely be exhausted on your first day back. Give yourself a day or two to recover and unpack, but then make a plan for the next few days so that you can get back into your nutrition and fitness routines.

2. Re-stock your fridge

An empty kitchen will just set you up for failure – it’s too tempting to use that as an excuse to order takeout or binge on junk food. Instead, stock up on the ingredients that you can use in a few recipes. One tip that works is to cook a ton of vegetables on the weekend, and incorporating them into different meals throughout the week.

3. Drink lots of water

You’ll most likely be dehydrated when you return from a trip. Drinking water can help combat travel-related dehydration, bloating, and constipation. You can also increase your water intake by eating hydrating fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, lettuce, melons, and berries.

4. Ease into your fitness routine

It’s easy to put your fitness routine on hold after a hiatus. But you can start off slow and plan a few workouts just to ease yourself into the habit. Once you get your body moving again, you’ll feel more focused, energised, and motivated to get back on track.

5. Skip the drive or train, or take the stairs!

Save time and run to work or back. Auro has plenty of guided runs that you can use on your commute to or back from work. Or just take the stairs instead of the elevator! You don’t have to get to the gym to stay fit.

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