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Running or spin

Running vs Spin: What’s better?

I want to exercise – so what’s better, running or spin?

Both running and spinning (indoor cycling) are great for improving your health, but choosing between the two can be really difficult.

There’s tonnes of articles online debating the benefits and downfalls of both. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research. Running or spin, which is better? Read on for our answer, and it’s more complicated than you might think.


Calorie burner?

At an even and steady pace, you burn roughly the same calories in either running or spin. However, in a spin class you can up the intensity much more so than running, so you can end up almost doubling your calorie burn.

This is true for cycling on the road as well. There’s a huge difference between a supercharged class, and going for a leisurely ride in your neighbourhood. In a spin class, you’re much more likely to burn more calories thanks to it’s high intensity intervals.

You can apply this higher intensity intervals to running, of course. This is a great way to up your calorie burn, and boost your metabolic rate after you exercise. It all depends on how much effort you put in, so maximise your work outs (whatever you do) by pushing yourself every session.


Best for toning?

A lot of the same muscle groups are worked in both running and spin, just in different ways. If your want to work on your glutes, legs and thighs, running or spin will be ideal for this.

Spin really works your quadriceps, so it’s a stellar way of building muscle on your calves and thighs.

Yet running has a greater effect on your core out of the two. You also use your arms to propel you forward when jogging, so all in all, going for a run is best for all over body toning.


Less wear and tear?

Spin. As a rule, indoor cycle is thought of as less strenuous on the body. Being a low impact sport, it’s easier on your joints. If you experience hip, knee, or ankle pain, jogging both outdoors and on the treadmill can be a killer. Spinning is much more gentle as there is no impact on the lower body, and can actually protect your joints.

But mind your posture. That recognisable cycling stance is hunched at the shoulders, and can leave you with tight hips and a tight back. Remember to stretch after you ride to ease this.


Mood booster?

Both! That post work out rush of endorphins will get you addicted to fitness. All types of exercise reduce stress inducing hormones in your body, leaving you feeling overall happier. So either running or spinning will help to put a smile on your face.

Hopefully you aren’t struggling to decide anymore! Running or spin, pick the work out that makes you most happy. Who says you can only choose one?

Since they both work the same muscles in different ways, it’s a great way to introduce some variety into your fitness program. Cross train with running and spinning for maximise results.

Pretty soon you’ll be a cardio pro.