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Beat the blues & be confident

Beat the blues & be confident

It can be easy to lose confidence in yourself from time to time. Thanks to social media, you are constantly reminded of the body/diet/relationship/life you feel you’re supposed to have, and the temptation of comparing yourself to the virtual life of others is very hard to resist. This is also worsened by the horrible post-New Year Resolution slump. The weather is terrible. Summer is so far away. How can you make a change for the better? The idea of overhauling your whole life is overwhelming. 

Work on changing the little things in your life and you’ll be surprised at the results. We’ve come up with 5 small ways that you can improve your daily life over the next few weeks. You don’t need to put all of these suggestions into practice immediately. Just try as many as you can, and we promise you’ll feel better and be closer to achieving your goals.



Clean your space

Be that your desk, your office, your kitchen, or your backpack. Cleaning is stress-relieving, super productive, and actually a form of #mindfulness. Start small by decluttering magazines, throwing out old receipts, and sweep off your fridge. These small and manageable tasks can make a huge difference in combatting your daily stressors.


Listen to podcasts

The next time you find yourself sitting around with a spare half hour, try listening to a podcast rather than scrolling through social media on your phone. It’s a great way to relax and focus your mind by engaging with one story or idea, rather than bouncing between hundreds of little pieces of information. You can easily fit this in is during your daily commute. A few Auro podcast favourites include: The Brilliant Idiots, Big Questions with Cal Fussman, and Potterless.


Make your lunch

And eat it away from your desk! Making your own lunch is not only cheap and healthy, but offers you the chance to work on a new skill. Cooking and meal prepping provide you with a sense of accomplishment. So put on your chef’s hat, start cooking, and try going al fresco for a change!


Drink more water

Hydrate! Be it cold, hot, infused with exotic fruits or just straight out of the tap, drinking water throughout the day is vital. First thing in the morning, ample hydration helps to jumpstart your metabolism.  It helps to energise your muscles, keeps your bodily functions working efficiently, helps your skin to look good, and can even keep cravings at bay. So how can you consume more water during the day?

  1. Have a drink with every meal – and a drink you actually like!
  2. Eat more fruit and vegetables
  3. Keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go

Drinking a glass of water every time you are snacking or eating a meal can actually help you to become less hungry. So crack open a cool bottle of water and you’ll be guaranteed to feel better!


Go outside more

We’re not suggesting to go for a run, or to hit the gym. We love exercise here at Auro, but surprisingly enough it’s not the answer to all of life’s problems. Just simply being in the great outdoors is amazing for your mindset. Go for a walk at lunch, spend time in the park and read, or take out your old bike for a ride. Spending time outside improves creativity, lowers stress, makes you happier, and helps you to sleep better.

All in all, if you want to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle, you must be willing to do things for you. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable and find ways to be more positive. The only person standing in the way of your goals is you. So get out there and make a difference for yourself! You’ll thank yourself in the long run!