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How to stay awake

How to stay awake

Are you struggling to stay awake during the day? Yawning at your office desk, trying to keep your eyes open after binging your favourite show on Netflix until 5am? We’ve all been there. But you don’t need gallons of coffee and energy drinks to stay awake and keep you energised throughout the day. The team here at Auro have some top tips to tell you exactly how to stay awake naturally and beat the tiredness blues.

1. Change up your environment

Natural light, fresh air and cool temperatures are key to keeping you focused and alert. First up, ensure you have enough natural light in your room. This can have a beneficial effect on your body to stay awake. Our circadian rhythms (which regulate the sleep cycle) are influenced by the day light, so pull back the curtains, or perhaps purchase a light box if your room does not get much exposure to the natural day light.

Open the windows or take regular breaks to ensure you are getting enough fresh air. The increase in oxygen to your brain will help you feel more awake and the cooler temperature will keep you alert and revive your senses.

2. Light exercise

If you find yourself sedentary most of the day, you may feel sleepier e.g. if you work at a desk, drive long distances or commute. If this sounds familiar, ensure you take some time out from your day to go for a walk, complete a quick HIIT workout or even just some light stretches. These activities will help get your blood flowing and clear your mind to help you feel less drowsy.  The Auro app has a number of quick and effective workout classes to help get your body moving and blood pumping.

3. Take a power nap

Although this solution is not for everyone, taking a quick power nap can help to aid feelings of excessive tiredness and give you a boost of energy. The timing of your power nap, however, is crucial. Too little sleep may leave you still feeling tired and too much may have you feeling groggy. Experts suggest that the key to a successful power nap is to go into a form of stage 2 sleep. This sleep stage slows down your brain activity and usually takes about 15-20 minutes. Therefore, set your alarms for no longer than 20 for the perfect nap to help you stay awake for the rest of the day. Studies have also found that taking a nap can improve your learning and memory. If you struggle to fall asleep, the Auro app provides some quick guided meditations to help you relax and drift off, no matter how long that may be for.

4. Stimulate your mind

As well as keeping your body moving, keeping your brain moving is just as important to help you stay awake. Get some mental exercise by stimulating your mind and switching up your daily activities. Take some time out of the day to engage in something interesting and enjoyable, this could be anything from ringing a friend for a chat to completing a sudoku puzzle. This stimulation of the brain will increase your cognitive processes and decrease your tiredness.

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