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How frequently to exercise & useful fitness tips

It is tough to answer how frequently you should exercise. It has everything to do with your personal schedule and availability, as well as your current fitness level and overall goal.

Below are the key ideas that should be kept in mind if you would like to set up a regular exercise routine.


Evaluate your fitness level

What’s your starting point?

Before you can decide how often you should be exercising, you must first evaluate your capabilities. If you are someone who is just beginning to establish a regular exercise routine, you may be more suited to workout 2 days a week for 1 hour each session.

If you are someone who has experience exercising but have plans to achieve a long-term fitness goal, starting off with a consistent schedule is your best bet. Working out 3 days a week for 1 hour each session–with specific muscle groups assigned to each day–is a great way to help develop a consistent exercise routine.


Establish Your Goals

In order to know how much time you should spend exercising, you must first layout what your goals are.

Are you trying to lose weight?

If you are trying to lose weight, you may benefit from longer workouts with specific muscle groups delegated to specific days.

For example: Have leg day on Monday, Chest day on Tuesday and Cardio day on Wednesday. Doing a Cardio-only day is a great way to help burn calories.


What if I hate Cardio?

Fine! Cardio isn’t always the best way to burn fat. Cardio workouts burn a lot of calories but consistent cardio is needed to actually show any long-term improvements. So don’t fret if you can’t bare to get on the treadmill!

Strength training is a great way for beginners to burn fat consistently; so people who want to burn fat should plan to lift weights more frequently.

You must also make sure that you are maintaining a consistent and healthy diet that coincides with your workout plan. With all of the stress and time constraints that you may go through on a daily-basis, it can be easy to neglect your diet.


Just in it for the Gains

Are you trying to gain muscle mass?

In this case, cardio is less beneficial. Muscle Mass is best built when you lift heavy weight with low reps. Training 3 days a week for at least 1 hour has been a suggested way to increase muscle mass.

Are you just trying to maintain your current weight? 

If you are just trying to maintain your current weight, you can be much more flexible about how frequently you exercise. This is the case as long as you are consistent with a healthy diet and a general exercise routine.



How frequently to exercise & useful fitness tips


What’s your schedule?

Some people are much busier than others and it may be hard for them to squeeze an exercise plan into their schedules. Other people may have loads of free time with a few hours a day that they can dedicate to exercise.

But just because you can workout for 3 hours a day, doesn’t mean that you should. People who workout 3 hours a day are a certain breed of people that have expectations and goals that are much higher than the average person’s. 

Decide how many free hours you have a week and start thinking about how much time you feel that you should be allotting to exercise.

Overall, the suggested frequency that you should exercise is not set in stone. Each person has different goals and different capabilities and it is up to you to decide what sort of exercise routine fits best into your schedule.