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6 ways to burn more calories on the treadmill

6 ways to burn more calories on the treadmill

Let’s face it: The treadmill can be boring, but you can’t avoid it if you want to do some effective cardio that can get your heart pumping. The good news is that the right strategies and regimens can make running on a treadmill feel less of a chore. They can also increase your rate of calories burned on the treadmill. Here are some tips:

1. Try interval training

Intervals can make your workouts extra challenging, so you can burn more calories in less time. Try breaking up your 30 minute run with some 5 minute walks & 1 minute sprints. Amp up the sprint time or the speed if it gets too comfortable, so you can increase your calories burned on the treadmill.

2. Change your direction

Walking sideways or backward will not only burn more calories but can also strengthen your hips while making your body exert more effort in moving and focusing on the movement. Add a resistance band to make it more challenging.

3. Add variety to your incline

This can increase the calories burned on the treadmill as it pushes your body up & down, like when you run over hills.

4. Do HIIT

High-intensity interval training is a high-impact exercise that you can do on the treadmill to increase your calorie burn. Your Auro personal trainer will cue you on what to do. Perhaps you can try 30 to 45 minutes alternating between walking on an incline or power walking and jogging, and alternating with 30 to 90 seconds of jogging and 30 to 60 seconds walking.

5. Get off and on the machine

Add variety to the routine and increase your calories burned on the treadmill by running at an easy pace for a minute, increasing gradually to sprint for one minute, then carefully alight the treadmill to do ten back squats and walking lunges. Your Auro personal trainer can also suggest more exercises to do while you are off the treadmill and guide you through a variety of workouts.

6. Watch TV

Your favourite shows and movies can help you with timing your routine, and may even prevent your mind from aimlessly wandering as you use the treadmill. For example, you can use the first eight minutes of an episode for warming up and proceed to a gentle hill during a two-minute commercial. No TV? No worries, the Auro app will help keep you focused throughout your workout!

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