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5 ways to burn more calories on the rowing machine

5 ways to burn more calories on the rowing machine

The elliptical and the treadmill are the most popular options for cardio workouts. However, the rowing machine can be just as effective. Not only does it provide you with the cardio fix that you want but it can also be helpful in transforming your body. Rowing does not put excessive impact on your joints but still burns loads of calories because it engages all muscles, including your legs, core, arms and back. This increases your heart rate and gives you a great full-body workout. Here are some top tips to get the most from using the rowing machine to burn calories:

1. Maintain proper posture

Sit tall when using the rowing machine. Do not drop your head, gaze straight ahead, keep your chest lifted, and avoid hunching or arching your back to ensure proper breathing and a more effective workout that can keep your core fired up.

2. Do power strokes

Post-warm up, do three sets of power strokes. These are hard and fast strokes that explode back. Maintain a consistent rhythm but push harder with the feet and pull hard with the arms and core to row fast. Try doing 10 power strokes at 24 strokes per minute, and 10 recovery strokes afterwards. The strokes per minute should be displayed on the rowing machine. Increase the number of strokes per minute to 26 on the second interval, and 28 on the final set.

3. Focus on the legs

Drive your legs into the rowing machine’s heel rest with every stroke to work on the big muscles in the lower half of your body, such as your buttocks. This is helpful in burning more calories because the link with your feet boosts your power and increases calorie burn. Ideally, half of your effort should come from your legs, 30% via your back and core, and 20% through your arms.

4. Do some endurance training

Steady and slow endurance workouts can boost your calorie burn and increase your stamina.

5. Keep the body guessing

Prevent your fat burning rate from plateauing by varying your rowing workouts. Consider mixing it with short high-intensity sessions on some days and long endurance-style rowing on others.

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