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5 stretches you absolutely need to do if you're a runner

5 stretches you absolutely need to do if you’re a runner

Running may seem easy enough as an exercise, but it is a physically demanding activity that can strain your knees, feet and other parts of your body. Hence, stretches for runners before hitting the pavement (or the treadmill) is always a good idea. Not only do these stretches warm up your muscles and joints, they also prevent injuries. Whether you are preparing for a marathon or for your regular morning run, start incorporating these 5 stretches.

1. Walking lunges

  • This stretch loosens up tight muscles in the major parts of your body. It’s a very good pre-run stretch because it simulates the forward motion of running.

2. Hip flexor stretch

  • If you’ve spent plenty of hours sitting, you will develop tight hip flexors. Doing this stretch for runners is good for maintaining hip mobility.

3. Ankle rotation

  • Like your hamstrings and calves, your ankles also take a beating when you run or jog for long periods. Give them some love by doing this simple stretch.

4. Side stretch

  • Many runners complain about side cramps or side stitch during or after their run. By adding a side stretch to your pre-run routine, you can exercise without feeling that stabbing pain under your ribcage.

5. Calf raises

  • This stretch prevents calf strain and Achilles tendonitis as well.

Stretching should always be a part of your routine before running as it helps condition your body for the strenuous work you are about to do. But don’t overwork yourself. Overstretching can make you feel tired before even beginning the workout. It can also cause muscle damage.

To get proper guidance on what to do and not to do before, during, and after your run, ask a certified fitness instructor for guidance. Or, you can simply download the Auro app for on-demand guidance from our world-class personal trainers. Not only will they encourage and motivate you to work out harder and stronger but they will also keep your workouts fun and exciting so you’ll never get bored.