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Wiggle Run Club

Wiggle Run Club: The Beginner’s Guide To Running

We are proud to announce that Auro will be partnering with the leading cycle, run, tri, and outdoor retailer Wiggle, to create the Wiggle Run Club! Wiggle’s passion for sport and constantly delivering the very best complements with Auro’s own mission to provide high-quality audio fitness for the masses. This carefully tailored program will combine our world-class run coaching with strength, conditioning, stretching and mobility workouts. The aim of this program is to mould you into the very best you can be; the stronger and faster athlete.

Our coaches will be sharing tips on form, pacing, nutrition and a wide range of other topics across social media so follow us to keep updated. You can also win big with prizes worth £160 for our Run Club winner – you don’t want to miss this!

What Is The Wiggle Run Club?

The Wiggle Run Club is a 6-week program delivered by our wonderful expert personal trainers. Each week will focus on a different area of your running. 

Week 1: Breathing

The focus here is breathing and in these 3 workouts you’ll learn to connect with your breath and also control and harness it to power your workouts. Proper breathing during exercise is essential to maximise oxygen intake.

Week 2: Posture

This week you’ll learn about how poor posture can negatively affect your overall wellbeing, and will learn to correct this by mastering certain drills aimed at specific problem-areas of the body.

Week 3: Pace

This week you’ll learn how use different running speeds in your training to help maximise your sessions.

Week 4: HIIT

In this week you’ll learn more about High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This is a type of training that induces a state of post-workout elevated oxygen consumption in the body, the benefits of which are numerous.

Week 5: Endurance

The opposite of HIIT — endurance training requires you to perform at lower effort levels but for longer periods of time.

Week 6: All In

In the last week of the program, all you need to do is give it your best, and put to the test everything you’ve learned over the last 6 weeks.

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Why Run With The Wiggle Run Club?

Group running proves to add a lot more benefits to your workout routine. Here’s how:

1. Motivation On The Move

Running with others encourages you to do better, you keep each other going and stay motivated throughout your workout. Having someone there to push you that little further makes a world of a difference.

2. Learn With Experts & Reach Your Goals

Wiggle bring a wealth of expertise to this program, with years of experience and commitment to their customers. When we combine this with our high-quality audio and lead expert personal trainers, we produce a beautifully well-balanced fitness concoction. 

With the Wiggle Run Club, the community is a great space to share your goals and stay determined with friendly competition. The leaderboard will provide you with encouragement to stay on your top form at all times – you’ll always be striving to become the very best. 

3. It’s Fun!

It’s a lot more fun when you’re working out with others and running together. You can make new friends within the Run Club and also get your peers moving with you. Switching up your routine keeps your workout fresh and interesting, allowing you to maintain strong willpower.

Our Run Club members will also be able to support each other by sharing their workouts, tips and achievements. The Wiggle Run Club will also host challenges allowing you to compete against other users for awesome fitness prizes, including a £100 Wiggle gift voucher and an annual Auro membership! 

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The Beginner’s Guide To Running Gear

The first item you need to kickstart your running journey, is a quality pair of trainers. There are three main features to look for when buying a new pair of running shoes.

1. Lightweight

The heavier the shoe, the more uncomfortable this will be especially when running for long periods of time. Lightweight shoes with a reasonable amount of cushion help with comfort but also speed and longevity. Also ensure that these shoes are the perfect fit and not too tight as this may lead to swollen ankles or further more serious injuries.

2. Strong Soles

Depending on where you are likely to be running you need to ensure that the trainers sole is suitable for the surface. For instance, if you run on the roads you may need a thicker sole with more grip, whilst if you run on a treadmill you could afford to go for a thinner sole.

3. Style

Now come on, we all want to wear the best trainers and clothes so here are a few Auro approved running trainers that may tickle your Achilles. If you’re looking for breathable and comfortable trainers, the Adidas Ultraboost 19 is brilliant. It’s lightweight, supportive and not to mention super stylish too! If you’re looking for something more functional for road running, try the Asics Gel-Nimbus 21. And if you want a combination of both form and function, the New Balance Fresh Foam Road Knit is the perfect trainer for you.

For running clothes, there is no one outfit that you need to run in but the best gear is always the stuff that you feel most comfortable in. Wiggle also have a great range of clothing to choose from so if you need some inspo, take a look here

For women, ensure you’re wearing a supportive sports bra. Some of the best brands for your sports bras are Nike, Lululemon, Asics, Sweaty Betty, New Balance and more. 

All your clothing should be breathable and comfortable to run in. If you prefer to work up a sweat and drip drip drip, then layer up. But if you prefer to keep your body dry then ensure you wear clothes made of good wicking material as this will help pull the sweat away from your body and dry a lot faster than cotton.

See You There!

Hopefully this guide to running and the Wiggle Run Club has gotten you motivated and prepared to join us on our journey.

Share your workouts on the community and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with the latest Auro news.

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