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Lucy 5k training plan

Auro’s New Training Programs!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know Auro has launched new and improved fitness programs! We’re covering everything from building muscle, toning your body, perfecting your race training, or simply learning to run. Our 5k training plan is proving to be the most popular among our Auro Fam. Here’s the lowdown on our 6 week 5k race prep.


Who wrote the 5K training plan?

Our resident runner extraordinaire Lucy! She’s a top triathlon and running coach and personal trainer – she knows her onions!


Who is it suitable for?

It’s best for a runner who has already done some 5K runs, probably completing them in around 25-30 mins, and is regularly running 2-4 times a week. The plan includes some hill runs so is particularly suitable for someone training for a hilly 5K race, but would also work well for someone training for a flatter race. 


What does it cover?

It works on strength training as well as improving your running technique, so this 5k training plan ticks a lot of boxes. Each week follows a similar formula. You have one easy pace run, one run with speed intervals or hill runs, and a final longer run, which will help improve your endurance and stamina.

As well as the running, it’ll also work on your form and technique. This will focus on your pelvis, how to engage your glutes, over-striding, and your upper body posture. This technique work will help you get more out of your running, help you be a better runner, and get you over that finish line.

We’ve also got some strength building classes thrown in there, working on your core and lower body. Think squats, planks, and lunges! All classes have been carefully curated to improve your 5K race time, so try not to skip a class – it will all help you!


Can I have a sneak peek?

You sure can! In the first week, Lucy talks about how to run while engaging your pelvis. Sounds weird, but it works!

Want more? Check out our Facebook page– it’s got more Lucy videos, and loads of other running tips to get you started off right with your 5K training plan.