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The new & improved Auro

The new & improved Auro

Name: Auro
DOB: 19.03.2018
Weight: 83.9MB

The year 2020 has seen its fair share of major historic events but the one to top them all is of course right here, right now: Auro’s rebrand.

On the 19th March 2018, the Auro app was born; weighing a healthy 83.9MB and providing many individuals with a fitness solution like no other. Just over two years later and the Auro Team have been working super hard to shape the brand into something special, not just for customers but for the whole team too.

Why did you decide to rebrand? 

In a world where digital fitness content has increased by 830% since 2014, we understand just how easy it is to get lost in the fitness-sphere. By taking a step back and pinpointing exactly what Auro’s purpose was, we quickly realised how far we have come and how the app has evolved into something spectacular.

Not only are we a fitness product, providing high-quality personal training to the masses, but we’re also a wellness product; one that focuses on the physical body and the mental state of mind. Now more than ever, we’re seeing individuals seeking a solution that is versatile, varied and most importantly effective.

Our mission is to create a connected fitness and wellness experience by utilising AI personalisation, real empathetic trainers and a community that supports everyone, no matter what their goal is.

The new & improved Auro

What does your logo represent?

Previously, our logo loosely represented our audio aspect, using circles as sound rings. We made the conscious decision to move away from showcasing audio within the logo and instead create something far more generic and recognisable as an emblem.

The solid ‘A’ shape uses curved lines to represent the flexible process of wellness; it highlights movement and direction to change. And if you look close enough, you may even see that it looks somewhat similar to a weights bar spin-lock collar clamp…

What do your new brand colours symbolise?

Our primary colour is coral; symbolising warmth and acceptance. To accompany our warming coral, we decided to use turquoise; a colour which has many healing properties that affect the mind and body.

You’ll notice that all our design and creative communications will look a lot softer than before – still evoking boldness, however acting a lot more neutral and easy on the eye.

What does “Auro” mean?

Auro comes from the word ‘aural’ – relating to the ear or the sense of hearing. Auro focuses on audio and the power of sound over all other senses.

How do you pronounce “Auro”?

It’s as simple as ‘Or-o.’

What does your rebrand mean for customers?

A fantastic new experience! Our pricing remains the same and our product remains the same (with of course heaps of additional classes added monthly). This is also the start of something super special… the Auro Team are working hard to create a game-changing new feature.

Are you looking to add new features to the app?

100%. We’ve got some really exciting new features lined up and they’ll definitely be exciting so keep your eyes peeled!

If you want to learn more about the Auro rebrand or just want to have a chat to a member of our team, please email us at

And now for the sales bit…

To test drive our new rebrand, start your free trial today. And if you’re not falling head over heels for us (we’ll be upset but we’ll understand) you can cancel at any time so no strings attached – DTA? Down To Auro?

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