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5 ways Auro helps you reach your fitness goal

Auro is all about empowering people with exercise, and helping our users achieve their fitness aspirations. If you’re struggling to see results, here are our top 5 tips to help you smash your goal using our audio fitness app.

#1 Persistence is key

Make a workout schedule and stick to it! You can now set yourself reminders in the Auro app to make sure you exercise – you can choose the date and time, and you’ll get a notification straight to your phone. This will make it harder for you to skip a session. Auro’s got amazing training plans tailored to you, depending on your fitness goal and level. There’s no excuse 💪


#2 Mix it up!

Don’t focus on just one muscle area, or just one type of exercise. This makes working out dull, monotonous, and almost like hard work. With Auro, we have so many different categories for workouts, targeting different muscle groups, for any level. 

5 ways Auro helps you reach your fitness goal


#3 Be disciplined

Have discipline. Don’t cheat on the treadmill and give yourself a recovery rest, don’t skip your planks, or tap out early. Follow Auro’s program. Our expert PTs will guide you through your whole training session to make sure you’re getting the most of your workout for maximum results. Listen to them and pay attention. Trust us – they know their stuff!

5 ways Auro helps you reach your fitness goal


#4 It’s 70% diet

Fuel your body right. Eat carbohydrates before you exercise to give yourself a much needed energy boost. Post workout, recover with proteins to help repair and build muscle strength. We’ve recently paired up with nutritionist Sophie Thurner for her expert advice on how to fuel before and after exercise. So if you’ve got any nutrition questions, send them our way.

If you aren’t seeing results from your current regime, try to make sure you aren’t giving yourself too many cheat days. We all deserve to treat ourselves, but remember, to change your body it’s down to 30% exercise and 70% diet.


#5 Get support

Working out is tough. Finding support from others will make your fitness journey so much easier, and way more fun. With Auro’s Facebook Community, our members share their experiences, celebrate each other’s successes, and talk directly with our trainers. Check it out for some expert advice and training tips.

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